Vastu In Southern Hemisphere

Vastu For Southern Hemisphere

Not all but almost 62% Vastu tenets are opposite in the Southern Hemisphere 16% are from the universal factors and 22% Vedic Vastu Rules are applied in Southern Hemisphere Vastu. It is really a very minute research and data-based study & indicates the perfection in calculation and analysis.

Certainly, applying Vastu in Southern Hemisphere is very sensitive subject and perhaps it may need the following traits and characteristics in a Vastu consultant who is appointed as the consultant. For example:

  • ➤ The Vastu consultant must be the ‘Master’ of his subject,
  • ➤ Should be the appropriately qualified in Vastu Shastra,
  • ➤ The professionally trained Vastu, Astro-Vastu, numerology and Fengshui expert,
  • ➤ Having larger experience of working as the Vastu consultant for Southern Hemisphere,
  • ➤ Should possess the proper wisdom about science, geography and art of life,
  • ➤ Have a sound knowledge of architectural parameters,
  • ➤ He should be matured enough to be called a perfect professional, a Guru,
  • ➤ Wise and multi-dynamic personality to analyse many factors at once,
  • ➤ The Clairvoyant person with great acquaintance about the vibrations,
  • ➤ He should also be an Energy pattern analyser,

Undoubtedly, if a Vastu consultant is equipped with the above qualities, then only he may be called as the best Vastu consultant for Southern Hemisphere.

Vastu for Southern Hemisphere is a vast term that may include a number of subjects which are closely associated with the prime locations of Southern Hemisphere. The sleeping direction for Southern Hemisphere is one of the most important topic in the countries and continents located in the Southern Hemisphere.
There are other similar to Indian Vastu sciences like Fengshui. Feng shui Southern Hemisphere defines the orientation of vibrations and the Kua number is dependent upon the location of a particular country in the world. Therefore, the Chinese art of positioning & placement defines the various things about the right placement of Fengshui items as narrated by the Fengshui Masters.

Now we will discuss about sleeping direction for Southern Hemisphere and logical pooja room in Southern Hemisphere which are essential components of Vastu Shastra for house in Australia and it comes in the subject of house Vastu for Southern Hemisphere. Whenever we talk about head direction in Southern Hemisphere like Australia, then Vastu for bedroom in Australia is the first concern. If the bed is adjusted as per Vastu then never keep head in south in Southern Hemisphere because the energies change as applied on India because of the sun’s movement. which direction to sleep in Australia is a very common question and one should analyse the facts with the help of magnetic theory and alignments. Which direction should you sleep in Australia is now clear and let us go to the other topic Vastu consultant in Melbourne and other cities of Australia have to go for the 62% altered Vastu principles?

Best Sleeping Directions for Southern Hemisphere:

Best Sleeping Directions for Southern Hemisphere is defined in this website along with the right and logical Sleeping Position in Southern Hemisphere. Let us discuss about more crucial factors for Southern Hemisphere included Vastu in Australia. The Head Direction in Southern Hemisphere has to be any except the south pointed. When one tries to find the best Vastu Expert in Australia with reference to the Southern Hemisphere Vastu then finding the best Vastu expert or Vastu Consultant in Australia becomes easy. Similarly, the same factors are applied in other parts of the world like Vastu Consultants in South Africa. The same is applied for the professional Vastu Consultant in Mauritius.

The scientific Vastu Consultant NewZealand is to be analysed the factors of Vastu which are same or similar in both of the Hemisphere and Best Southern Hemisphere Vastu Consultant should very honestly analyse all the Vastu factors. If one tries to surfing Vastu Consultants near Me then we would like to introduce ourselves that we provide our expert Vastu consultancy services in SH. Vastu Sleeping Best Direction in Southern Hemisphere is also narrated by the professional Vastu Adviser who is there to define each positive and negative factor as per Vastu Shastra. The consultant should be qualified, trained and experienced. Then only the actual and true Vastu advice will be used.

Applying Vastu in Southern Hemisphere- A Very Sensitive Matter:

There are various reasons why most of the Vastu principles change in Southern-Hemisphere. In fact no Vastu factor changes in Southern Hemisphere but Vastu For Southern Hemisphere is separately written with logical application from the traditional Indian Vedic Vastu. Therefore, the maximum care & presence of mind is needed for this crucial but very useful science. It is not the piece-of-pie for an ordinary Vastu consultant. This work needs knowledge, analysing ability, a high intellect & proper expertise. We may have seen many houses in Southern Hemisphere which are good to see but there may be some negative feeling inside the house.

Complex Calculations & Application

In our expertise we consider the topography, wind direction, local climate, weather, yearly sun path, the seasons, the requirement of client, the local administration’s guidelines & many more factors. Hence in this way the calculations of Vastu for Southern Hemisphere become very complicated… But we assume that if we take up each factor one-by-one, the activity becomes not only perfect but interesting also.

Here we will discuss Vastu for many places like: Vastu For Brazil, Vastu For Chile, Vastu For Uruguay, Vastu For Argentina, Vastu For Colombia, Vastu For Mauritius, Vastu For New Zealand, Vastu For South Africa, Vastu For Oceana, Vastu For New Guinea, Vastu For Fiji, Vastu For Melbourne, Vastu For Brisbane, Vastu For Perth, Vastu For Adelaide, Vastu For Gold Coast, Vastu For Newcastle, Vastu in Canberra. Then only we can apply the conditional Vastu tenets on every place in the world. So never copy-paste the basic knowledge on every site- Says Dr. Anand Bhardwaj

Energy Levels- Very Crucial for a good life:

Besides the above, the physical Vastu survey on site in any country & state becomes 100% accurate because in this exercise Dr Anand Bhardwaj visits the plot and checks various energies like:

  • 1. Earth Energy: Should be higher that what is applicable in India- It may be few decimal above or more.
  • 2. Parallel vibrations should be less that what is found in other areas,
  • 3. Hard Vibration- The level should be least- Preferably below 2
  • 4. Soft vibrations should be static- The high fluctuation may create the problem like insomnia & fertility
  • 5. Tele vibrations should be within limit in 500 meters around the site where the building is going to be erected.
  • 6. Cosmic energies should be minimum 62% positive.
  • 7. The directional alignments is not much important if the above vibes become positive.
  • 8. The drawing can be easily drafted in tune to the Vastu for Southern Hemisphere

Certainly, these Vastu rules are applicable on all places which are situated in the Southern Hemisphere like Mauritius, Colombia, Gold Coast, Fiji, Country of Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Adelaide, Argentina located in South America , New Zealand, South Africa, Oceana, New Guinea, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle & Canberra etc. because scientific Vaastu Shastra defines the vibrations of any area located on the globe with scientific logics. We are the professional, experienced, trained & qualified Vastu Consultant in Southern Hemisphere providing online & through email Vastu consultancy services as Vastu Expert in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Jakarta, Africa & other countries located in South America. It is the responsibility of Southern Hemisphere Vastu Expert to guide the true, logical & scientific Vastu for Southern Hemisphere. Many times, the people from various countries call me and ask few Vastu tips applied in Vastu in Southern Hemisphere and we reply logically. In fact, we don’t understand the need of any superstitious explanation to define Vastu principles because we know that it is science and Vastu for Southern Hemisphere is up to much extend different from what is being done in northern hemisphere. But it is the need to get further training by the Vastu Consultant who is working on global Vastu. The same thumb rules should not be applied in all the countries situated in the southern part of the globe that lies in the southern half of the earth below the equator line.