Professional back ground of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj:

With a large experience of almost 43 years, Dr. Bhardwaj May be recognised as the one of the senior most Vastu consultants of the globe. The great & versatile person- Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is one of the most & highest qualified celebrities of the world. He is an MA, MBA, Ph.D (Socio), Ph.D(Vastu), D.Sc. (Vastu). He is the third generation in Vastu with varied ability to analyse the facts & factors with science & logic. He is the recipient of hundreds of awards, rewards, mementoes, honours & many more from the ministers, bureaucrats, social & religious organisations, Institutes, Colleges & universities. The above achievements make Dr Anand Bhardwaj a Celebrity in itself.

Dr. Bhardwaj, A Celebrity in the world of Vastu:

Thus, Dr Anand Bhardwaj, the world famous Vastu consultant needs no introduction. He is one who has given the new shape, pace & true direction to Vedic Vastu thus paved way to get a high prestigious position to the science of Vastu that is a valuable heritage & nourished by Dr Anand Bhardwaj by his expertise & deep research work. The research work is always a long journey to explore & research that needs the high academic back ground, true zeal to create something new.

Dr. Anand Bhardwaj, the Chief Vastu consultant at IIVC and known as the senior Vastu celebrity, is perchance the highest qualified Vastu Consultant with MA, MBA, Ph.D Socio, Ph.D Vastu & D.Sc. Vastu having more than 43 years’ experience in the great field of Vastu. As Chief Vastu consultant has another feather in his cap by way of being the fourth generation in Vastu. He is the recipient of hundreds of awards and rewards along with mementos for being the chief guest and has a reputation of a person with multi-dimensional skills. He was honoured with the ‘Best Vastu Writer of the Year’ by Media Federation in the year 1998.

The extreme qualification, his research minded personality, the explorer intention and the diamond track record makes him ahead of all the Vastu experts of his race, though remain perhaps few of his time as for more than four decades he is into this profession.

The multi-dynamic approach, great confidence and rare ability to analyse things with superfine thread makes him stand at the top. He possesses the quality of a very humble person who always believes in the humanity and adores honesty. Certainly, like everybody he is also working for money, but do you know that money stands at the last tread for him and: -

  • Accuracy,
  • timeliness,
  • perfection,
  • truthfulness,
  • Loyalty towards the client
  • concerns and
  • integrity

are the specific qualifications of Dr. Anand which are beyond expectation and may be hard to find in a person in modern time. His services are really ‘Value-for-Money’. So if you have chosen him and accepted him your Vastu consultant, then certainly you are a different person who has ability to judge any one in few minutes and you are

  • ✓ A good analyser,
  • ✓ The intellectual reader,
  • ✓ A person of quick decision and
  • ✓ Perfection lover.

Southern Hemisphere Vastu Consultant Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is the person of multi-dimensional approach. He has very polite and honest nature. If anyone wants to know about Dr. Anand Bhardwaj then it shall be better to do internet surfing to locate his credentials which are excellent and undoubtful. In Southern Hemisphere Dr. Anand Bhardwaj uses his presence of mind, his qualification or his academic intellect and expertise which he earned in 44 Yrs. Experience in Scientific Vastu which has logic and there is no superstition in his Vastu advice. He is known to be one of the most Experienced Vastu Consultant in Southern Hemisphere. Many times, the client rate him as the best Vastu Consultant and Expert in Southern Hemisphere. The above is enough to define the personality of Dr. Anand Bhardwaj.

Now let us discuss about Vastu consultants in Australia and what they have to do in Australia Vastu from the scientific point of view. Principles of Vastu in Australia are different from Vastu in northern Hemisphere but not all the principles change. Few remain as it is. If one is looking for Vastu Consultants near me and he is in any part of Australia; let us take the example of Vastu consultants in Sydney then Vastu consultants in Sydney has to check the slopes and topography of the site. Vastu consultants in Perth also has to check the land or lot and the local weather too. Vastu consultants in Brisbane is not the different course.

The Vastu consultant should do all the possible efforts to find the telluric energies and if something is not ok then he should try to find the simple cures or Vastu remedies. Vastu consultants in Canberra and Vastu consultants in NSW should do all the directional analysis and try to incorporate the actual logical Vastu with the whatever percentage of Vaidic Vastu rules to be checked and advised. Vastu consultants in New Queensland has to see the slope of house land and of course the slope of roofs too. Vastu consultant in Cairns and Vastu consultants in Victoria should first make a rough map of the site then check all the directions and sub-directions etc. on the basis of the traced directions the Vastu advice may be given easily keeping in mind the changed scenario of Southern Hemisphere like in South Africa, Gold Coast, Newcastle Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Mauritius, Uruguay, Colombia, New Zealand, Melbourne, Brisbane, Oceana, Perth, Adelaide, New Guinea, Canberra & Fiji etc. These all areas are located in the Southern Hemisphere so the Vastu rules of Southern Hemisphere shall be applied in these areas & places.